National Day

National Day

National Day signifies the day The United Arab Emirates was born. As Emiratis and expatriates, we are proud to celebrate and remember this day when the seven emirates joined in union. At SABIS International School - Yas Island, we celebrated this day with great distinction and it was a pleasure to host our passionate students and parents.

The day was filled with great excitement and enthusiasm, as we showcased some of the classic traditions that are still practiced by Emiratis today. Some of these experiences included; traditional coffee, camel rides, henna, delicious classic Emirati treats and last, but not least, our students were allowed to wear their traditional attires to school.  We felt humbled to have the Abu Dhabi Police band in our presence and perform the national anthem for us with pride. Furthermore, it was exhilarating to see our confident students conduct their traditional dances that they have worked so hard on. This was very pleasing to witness their great talents.

We believe, as an educational institution, it is very important for all our students to learn, share and understand more about the greatness of this country. To be part of The United Arab Emirates is a dream for many, but a reality for few. It is a privileged to be part of this wonderful nation.

SABIS® International School — Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

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